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Unite your couple knowingly

Did you know that since 2002, your notary can act as a marriage celebrant? Indeed, he is a reference in matrimonial regimes for everyone who wants to know about the legal consequences related to a civil marriage or union. Your notary, Robert Piché can perform the celebration of your wedding or your civil union. By choosing your notary as your celebrant, you are making sure that your commitment is legal.

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Your notary as celebrant

Have you thought about choosing a notary as your celebrant for your marriage? It is a sound choice that allows you to know all the legal effects of your decisions, and the particularities of your matrimonial regime. Robert Piché, notary in Chomedey, offers his services as a celebrant and guarantees you a ceremony at your image.

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Prenuptial agreement

Do you wish to have a prenuptial agreement? This document allows the spouses to make the rules of their matrimonial regime more flexible, according to their wishes. This contract sets out the terms of possession of assets, the control of the property, and the division of assets. Are you the owner of a company? It is in your best interest to draw up a prenuptial agreement.

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Advice adapted to your matrimonial regime

According to the matrimonial regime you choose, your notary can help you in every step of the process. As a legal advisor, your notary is your ally in all your important moments. A notarial consultation is the best way to make an informed decision. Robert Piché, your notary in Chomedey, will give you advice about the legal effects of your union.

Contact your notary to discuss your needs

Do you have questions about civil marriage or civil union? Contact your notary in Chomedey, Robert Piché. He will be pleased to accompany you in all of your crucial decisions.

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