Protection mandate and power of attorney

Be well prepared with a notarized deed

As a public officer, your notary can draft protection mandate and power of attorney. By choosing the notarized deed, you ensure that the document is authentic and kept in a safe place. Recognizable, unalterable, and easily locatable, the notarized deed has many benefits for all parties involved. Robert Piché, notary, will advise you and will draft your protection mandate, your power of attorney, and any other contract.

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What is a protection mandate?

A protection mandate is a document that allows you to name someone who will take care of you and your property when you can not do it by yourself. It has to be drawn up while you are lucid, and still able to make decisions for yourself. Your mandatary has to be someone in whom you fully trust. The protection mandate can contain, among other things, your directives concerning your well-being, the administration of your property, the designation of a legal guardian for your children, the salary of your mandatary, and your advance medical directives.

It is always possible to modify your protection mandate while you are still fit for it. Note that the protection mandate does not replace, in any case, your will. Contact Robert Piché to obtain more information and to draw up your protection mandate.

What is a power of attorney?

It is important not to mistake the power of attorney with a protection mandate. In a power of attorney, you choose a person of trust to act on your behalf in some circumstances. Your mandatary can, for instance, pay your bills, sell your goods, and administer your property. Your power of attorney can be verbal or written, but the best way to avoid bad surprises is to opt for a notarized power of attorney.

Benefit from the valued legal advice of your notary for your power of attorney and your mandates. He will make sure that your document is clear, and that it responds to your wishes.

Contact your notary to discuss your needs

Whatever your situation is, a notary can advise you and offer you the solution the best adapted to your needs. Make an appointment with Robert Piché, notary in Chomedey. He will answer all your questions and will give you sound advice.

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