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Robert Piché, your notary in Chomedey, offers you a multitude of services to respond to all your needs. Whether you need a notary for your will, to plan or settle a succession, for a protection mandate, a power of attorney, a marriage or a civil union celebration, Robert Piché will accompany you in all your legal procedures.

Entrust Robert Piché with your legal projects and benefit from the services of an experienced and skilled legal expert that is always attentive to the needs of its customers. He will take the time to explain to you all the particularities of your legal proceedings. He will inform you about your rights and your obligations concerning the contract or the document.

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A notarized will is the safest way to make sure your succession respects your wishes after your death. This type of will takes effect immediately on death, and there is no delay in the settlement of succession.

Robert Piché advise and accompany you in the writing of your will. He will make sure that he understands your needs and your expectations to ensure your will responds to your requests. Your legal expert can guide you in every step of your testamentary procedures.

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Robert Piché can also help you in the planning of your succession and the hardest steps of the settlement of the succession. Offering an empathic and humane approach, he accompanies you in these emotion‑filled procedures.

Your notary in Chomedey can help you with: the appointment of the liquidator, the inventory of the possessions of the deceased, the payment of debts, the transfer of property, and the settlement of the succession.

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Protection mandate

What is a protection mandate? This document allows you to appoint a mandatary that will look after you, your well-being, and administer your property and assets. You have to make your choice while you are still capable of making an informed decision. Your choice is in effect immediately.

A protection mandate will help avoid family conflicts and ensure that it is a trustworthy person that will take over your decisions. Your notary will be able to inform you about the particularities of the protection mandate.

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Power of attorney

A power of attorney is a document in which you can appoint someone to make decisions for you if you can not do it for yourself at some moment of your life. Permanent or temporary, a power of attorney contains the tasks that can be done by the mandatary. This person is allowed, for example, to pay your bills, renew your insurance policies, and carry out banking transactions.

Entrust Robert Piché, notary in Chomedey, to draw your power of attorney up. He will make sure it complies with the law.

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Celebration of marriage and civil union

In the province of Quebec, a notary can officiate marriages and civil unions. It can be wise to choose a notary as your officiant because he can inform you about the laws that are related to your civil union. He can also draw a contract up for your marriage, one of the safest ways to protect your assets.

Robert Piché, notary in Chomedey, can advise you in case of separation or divorce. He will accompany you in all the procedures regarding marriage and marital life.

Robert Piché, your trusted notary in Chomedey

Robert Piché is the notary in which you can trust in Chomedey. He can advise and guide you in all your most important decisions. He will find the best way to ensure you reach your goals. Speaking English, French, and Spanish, he will respond to all your needs.

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