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A will is an essential document that allows your last wishes to be heard by your heirs, despite your absence. Even if it not obligatory to have a will, it is advantageous for you and for your family to have one. You can express your wishes regarding the distribution of your estate following your death. Since it is the only authentic will in Quebec, the notarized will is the safest and most useful document for your family.

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Preparation and drafting of a will

A notary is an ally in the preparation and drafting of your will. He will ask you the right questions to know all the information to include in your will. Who will be your heirs? Who will be the liquidator of your succession? Who will be the guardian of your minor children? What are your instructions for your funeral? These are just a few of the questions your notary will ask you.

After having gathered all the essential information, your notary will draft the document in a clear and precise manner. The will must leave no room for misinterpretation by your liquidator or your family.

Settlement of a succession by a notary

Has a loved one passed away and named you as the liquidator of his succession? Robert Piché, your notary in Chomedey, can help you. The settlement of a succession can be a task more complex that it seems. There are multiple benefits to ask for your notary's help. For instance, he will guide you in every steps of the process and answer your questions about your obligations.

You have been named the liquidator and you do not know how to proceed? Robert Piché, notary in Chomedey, Laval, can be of a precious help. He will advise you in regards to the decisions you need to make and the steps of the settlement.

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What happens when you die and do not have a will?

When someone dies and does not have a will, it is the law that decides who will be the heirs. You are not married, and you do not have a will? Your children will inherit your patrimony. If you have a common-law partner and you have children, your partner, your parents, your brothers, and sisters will not inherit. Are you childless? Half of your property will go to your parents and the other half to your brothers and sisters. You are not married, and you do not have kids or alive parents? Your brothers and sisters will inherit.

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The benefits
of a notarized will

Are you hesitating between the notarized will, the holograph will, or a will made in the presence of witnesses? You should know that the first is the most advantageous. Since it does not need to be probated on death by the court, it takes effect immediately after death. It will allow your family to save money and time. Moreover, you will ensure that your wishes will be compliant with the law and respected by your heirs. During the preparation of your will, your notary advises you regarding fiscality.

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of will

Do you want to modify your registered will? Robert Piché can make the modifications to your will. Whether it is to change your liquidator, to name a new guardian for your children, or any other demand, your notary in Chomedey, Laval, can help you. Contact Robert Piché for the modification or, even, the revocation of your will. He will answer all your questions and guide you in making an informed decision.

Benefit from personalized legal advice from your notary in Chomedey, Laval

Do you want to discuss with a notary that has your interest at heart? Robert Piché is your notary of trust in Laval for all of your significant decisions. Make the right decisions by being guided by your notary.

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